Energy Affects Every Aspect of Our Lives

Your extraordinary life is a continuous flow of your unique signature vibration.

Realigning your vibration can inspire you to expand to your highest potential for personal empowerment & self-awareness.

Vibrational Alignment within yourself, with your home, career and relationships assists you in living your most vibrant, joyful life with optimal health.  

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Healing Sessions & Consultations

Explore Jaye’s healing sessions and consultation options to find the one that’s right for you.

In-Person Sessions • Long Distance Sessions  Concierge In-Home Sessions 
Infants, Children and Teens Sessions • Design Your Personal Healing Space 
Home Energy Realignment • Intuitive Consultations 
Animal Communication & Healing Sessions 

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In need of a meaningful gift for a friend or loved one?  Share the benefits of health and well-being.  Gift cards are available.

Jaye has some very special abilities and knowledge

I have advanced osteoarthritis from years of running and playing basketball that has left me with bone-to-bone condition in my hip joint. Jaye’s touch, intuitive observations and suggestions for invoking specific healing images have continued to resonate long after the actual sessions. My hip pains me less than it has in many years. I’ve stopped taking the anti-inflammatory drugs I’ve used for years and still have less pain. Jaye has some very special abilities and knowledge.

Gerry K. April 26, 2015