Energy Affects Every Aspect of Our Lives

Your extraordinary life is a continuous flow of your unique signature vibration.

Realigning your vibration can inspire you to expand to your highest potential for personal empowerment & self-awareness.

Vibrational Alignment within yourself, with your home, career and relationships assists you in living your most vibrant, joyful life with optimal health.  

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Healing Sessions & Consultations

Explore Jaye’s healing sessions and consultation options to find the one that’s right for you.

In-Person Sessions • Long Distance Sessions  Concierge In-Home Sessions 
Infants, Children and Teens Sessions • Design Your Personal Healing Space 
Home Energy Realignment • Intuitive Consultations 
Animal Communication & Healing Sessions 

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In need of a meaningful gift for a friend or loved one?  Share the benefits of health and well-being.  Gift cards are available.

I sought treatment after a horseback-riding injury left me with facial numbness and pain in my neck and shoulder. I was surprised to find that the benefits I experienced went far beyond relieving superficial pain and tension. Jaye’s expertise, intuition and healing touch helped me release years of accumulated stress. After each session I experienced a tremendous increase in energy and heightened sense of well-being. Jaye is truly a gifted and wise practitioner.

Terry Egan, Associate Professor of Applied Behavioral Science at Pepperdine University April 26, 2015