About Jaye

Welcome. I would love to introduce myself.

My life long passion and purpose is assisting you to achieve personal empowerment for optimal health, joy and well-being by providing you with energetic healing and important tools to create your most exhilarating life.

With new expansive insights and action steps for inner and outer peacefulness, I will help you create measurable results and align vibrational frequencies in the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects of your life.

Fostering trust and mutual respect is essential for success; I will serve you with honesty and integrity. My intention through bringing my whole self, my personality, spiritual wisdom and my inherent humor, is to honor where you currently are in life and guide you to expand and grow into your most powerful true self.

As a human services professional, I have over 30 years of professional training and experience within the healthcare fields specializing in the healing modalities of: CranioSacral Therapy, Pediatric CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release Techniques with Dr. John Upledger, as well as, Visceral Manipulation clinical symposium with Jean-Pierre Barral, R.P.T., D.O.

While in Maui, Hawaii I trained in AquaCranial Therapy using CranioSacral Therapy techniques, with children, adults and pregnant women. These sessions provided incredible, transformational experiences with my clients in a variety of beautiful environments – in outdoor private pools overlooking the ocean, at luxurious resorts with hotel guests in the outdoor spa and I was fortunate to provide nurturing AquaCranial sessions in the oceans of Maui while hearing the beautiful songs of whales. This was beyond my wildest dreams! As more and more people benefit from Vibrational Realignment modalities, I have witnessed the development of a number of successful programs. As an example, over six years ago The Four Seasons Maui added AquaCranial Therapy to their spa menu and still offer it today.

With my love and devotion to children, I became a Child Development Educator specializing in birth to five years of age and a Crisis Management professional focusing on the welfare of teenage moms and their children. My additional trainings for infants and children include multiple world-renowned professionals such as Dr. T. Barry Brazelton, Dr. Bernie Siegel and Barry Neil Kaufman.

As a Bereavement Specialist, I developed and founded a Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, (SIDS), support group and annual memorial service in Northwestern CT. Together the parents and I created a bereavement room in the Charlotte Hungerford Hospital specifically designed for the needs of SIDS parents. Expanding into the field of Hospice in CT and Hawaii, I was honored to serve a variety of cultures with heart-felt compassion and empathy during their end of life transition.

Another exciting and artistic passion of mine is Interior Design. With a degree in Interior Design, I specialized in high-end residential design working in city homes in Manhattan, country homes in Connecticut and vacation homes in Maui. I incorporated my gift of energetic alignment to create beautiful, cohesive designs and Energetic Home Realignment. As an Intuitive Consultation Coach and Creative Arts Coach, I worked with families to create designs for optimal well-being.

I have always been eager to adapt to new challenges and apply knowledge in dynamic settings. Design your Life from the Inside Out … With Passion and Purpose integrates my heart’s passions, professional skills and innate gifts to assist you with personal empowerment to live your precious life with optimal health, great exhilaration, and to realize that dreams do come true, so dream REALLY, REALLY BIG.