Jaye Newman is a gifted healer! Her CranioSacral sessions with attendees at my Maui retreat were miraculous. Each person reported a unique and profoundly powerful experience. Deborah L. Sandella, PhD, RN Award-winning author and international speaker

Deborah L. Sandella, PhD, RN Award-winning author and international speaker April 20, 2015


I shouldn’t have been able to walk for weeks after doing considerable damage to my ankle while mountain biking. It was sprained so bad much of my foot was black and blue almost instantly and I couldn’t walk. Incredibly within only three days I’m pain free, and am able to walk with only a little limp. The swelling has also gone down quite considerably.  I can thank Jaye for the amazing speed at which I have been able to recover and return to work and life. This is just simply another testament to her abilities as a gifted, talented healer.

K. A. April 26, 2015


I’ve worked with Jaye long-distance for over ten years, ever since we no longer lived in the same place. I’ve benefited from her work in all the same ways I did when I got to see her in person. It’s wonderful! We check in by phone first, then I just lie down comfortably at home and have a lovely, restful session. Afterwards we connect by phone again and she describes the flow of her work and any insights that came to her. The whole experience is so nourishing — the energy support from the session, as well as the information she shares through her words.  My sessions with Jaye have been really helpful to me with anything from recovery from illness or a fall, to general emotional and energetic balancing. I also have several friends who receive long-distance support from Jaye and love it. I highly recommend the gifts of receiving Jaye’s support long-distance!

W.W., Maine November 6, 2020


I have worked with Jaye professionally over several years. I can’t say enough positive things about her either personally or professionally. I have two businesses and she worked her magic in both of them, residential and commercial. She has a sense of beauty, healing and energy that is unmatched in the design world. Because of Jaye’s energy clearing and staging, my luxury homes have rented at top dollar since she worked on them. That has helped me hold onto these properties during these difficult times. Jaye is the person who you want on your team. She is one of those rare quality people who truly is a treasure….

Tricia Morris - Hawaii’s Premiere Mortgage Company - Maui, HI April 30, 2015