Thank you for focusing me on my ears. The dizziness I was having totally went away after your work….yipee!!!

Nancy B. April 22, 2015


Working with Jaye, I had the safety to re-experience my first breath, free and fully alive. She held such a safe space for the spontaneous clearing of long held cellular memory. After the session I was full of vitality and joy and felt with my inner knowing.

L. D. April 25, 2015


I have been having remote sessions with Jaye for over five years now. I have found these sessions to be extremely balancing emotionally and physically and always feel more grounded and more myself afterwards. It’s amazing how this can be the case from a distance, but I feel definite physical unwinding during the session and always feel lighter and more at peace afterwards. I have had many reasons for getting a session ranging from grief, from the loss of mother, to health issues and Jaye is always a supporting presence no matter what issue I’m dealing with.

Karen, Sugden VT September 29, 2019


I have worked with Jaye professionally over several years. I can’t say enough positive things about her either personally or professionally. I have two businesses and she worked her magic in both of them, residential and commercial. She has a sense of beauty, healing and energy that is unmatched in the design world. Because of Jaye’s energy clearing and staging, my luxury homes have rented at top dollar since she worked on them. That has helped me hold onto these properties during these difficult times. Jaye is the person who you want on your team. She is one of those rare quality people who truly is a treasure….

Tricia Morris - Hawaii’s Premiere Mortgage Company - Maui, HI April 30, 2015